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Why Set Up a Disciple-making Church?

  • Fulfills the Gospel Commission of making disciples

  • Establishes a vision of disciple-making

  • Increases the member's commitment to Christ

  • Increases the member's commitment to the church

  • Increases member's involvement in various church ministries

  • Multiplies the number of leaders

  • Develops leader to become a lay minister

  • Creates the vision to plant new churches

  • Provides plan on new church plant infrastructure

  • Improves leadership training

  • Improves members care and nurture

  • Increases number of small groups

  • Increases the number of members reading and studying their Bibles daily

  • Increases the number of people giving Bible Studies

  • Multiplies the number of visitors to your church

  • Aligns your church with the mission and vision of the world church in terms of growth strategy

  • And more!




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