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Why Join? 

Basic Member Benefits


The Discipleship Master Plan website provides members with discipleship resources to assist the pastor and/or church leaders in establishing a disciple-making church. 


Membership benefits include:


  • Access to basic tools and resources

  • Updated instructions for disciple-making churches

  • Sermon calendar with actual sermon scripts

  • Relevant articles on discipleship

  • YouTube videos on the 4 Levels of Discipleship and other training

  • Downloadable information files


Pilot Pastors Membership

Membership benefits of the Pilot Pastors Program are:


  • Monthly Mentorship/Coaching via teleconference calls 

  • Access to national Discipleship Master Plan mentors 

  • Access to mentors from other professional backgrounds 

  • Monthly update calls via teleconference

  • Networking opportunities via email and phone; social media

  • Access to YouTube videos on how to train leaders & members

  • Access to PowerPoint files

  • Valuable updates & articles



**Membership will be verified from our database using the email address that was given to the speaker at your training. Please allow 2-3 days for membership verification. Only those who have gone through one of the programs will be granted access to these resources.




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