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What is the Discipleship Master Plan?

The Discipleship Master Plan (DMP) is a Bible-based, innovative, church operating system for the 21st-century church.  It provides the infrastructure for creating disciple-making churches. It creates an interoperable platform for ministries, programs, people, and organizations to work in concert with a cohesive focus: the disciple-making platform.  


The DMP's inter-connectivity and interface with individuals, ministries, administration, and operation of the church are what makes it an effective, valuable, and critical tool for every pastor and church leader. It addresses the how-to's, nuts and bolts, as well as the components of the operating system. 


The DMP is a complete training system designed for conference officers, pastors, and church leaders to create a disciple-making church. It is also a comprehensive discipleship curriculum used to train new or existing church members.


To best illustrate this concept, let’s take a look at a computer system.  Most desktop or laptop PCs come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows. Macintosh computers come pre-loaded with Mac OS X. Many corporate servers use the Linux or UNIX operating systems. The operating system (OS) is one of the first to be loaded into the computer because, without the operating system, a computer is useless. The purpose of an operating system is to organize and control hardware and software so that the device it lives in behaves in a flexible but predictable way. DMP is an operating system that deals with the major roadblocks of the church's ability to be a disciple-making church.


The Discipleship Master Plan Institute (DMPI) is a ministry committed to training pastors and church leaders.



                   I am pleased that                   the resources                             and training that                       Pastor Santos has                     developed are now                    widely available for the  benefit of congregations throughout North America.



                   Melvin’s Master Plan                         of Discipleship has

                    been a                                                  tremendous blessing 

                    to the pastors and                             churches in our conference and I would highly recommend his Discipleship

Master  Plan for other

conferences as well.

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