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How does the Discipleship Master Plan Help Pastors & Church Leaders?

The Discipleship Master Plan will teach you how to train your congregation starting with your church elders, deacons, deaconesses, the rest of the church officers, and then your general congregation—precisely in this order.  If done correctly, you will learn how to develop leaders into becoming effective lay ministers by providing them the four levels of discipleship training.


Each level strengthens four types of relationships: the relationship with Christ, the church, their community, and their colleagues.  This training on a regular basis can result in a more active and vibrant church.  And when your members are Spirit-filled, friendly, and fruit-bearing, not only is the will of God being fulfilled, the inherent results will be growth in church membership and church planting.


This increase in the number of baptisms and trained disciples will allow you to re-strategize your plan!  The Discipleship Master Plan is a model that has been tested, piloted, and has been proven over and over again to dramatically increase the level of spirituality, effectiveness, and productiveness in the churches implementing it.



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