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4th Wave of Pastors Trained for KY-TN Conference

22 KY-TN Pastors completed the Discipleship Master Plan training on Feb. 29 - March 1. One pastor travelled all the way from Vancouver, Washington to join this exciting training! This is the 4th wave of pastors to be trained within the KY-TN Conference in the last several years. According to Elder David Hartman, Ministerial Director of KY-TN Conference, almost 70% of the ministers he employs are now trained and can implement this in their own churches in collaboration with their church at large. Elder Steve Haley, Conference President, opened the meeting with prayer, encouragement and a charge to execute the gospel commission to "Go...and make disciples!" What a great feeling to know that God's end-time church has an operating system that can be used to sustain his work using committed disciples! Pastor Mel and Juliet Santos were joined by five alumni pastors (veteran pastors who have implemented parts or all of the DMP principles) for a refresher course and to share their experiences, best practices and encouragement to keep innovating!

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