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The Discipleship Master Plan Textbook

The Discipleship Master Plan Textbook

A step by step guide to creating Disciple-Making pastors, churches, and conferences. This newly published textbook will provide the foundation and principles vital to discipleship. Learn the operating system patterned after Christ's method and the book of Acts.

**Special discount rates for individuals attending a General Discipleship Training or conference hosting this event. Ask for details.

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    **Special rates for Conference hosting a General Discipleship Training. Ask for details.

    The Discipleship Master Plan is a step by step guide for creating disciple-making pastors and churches. This is not a gimmick, a quick fix church growth program, or a formula for instant success. This plan involves a major shift in the paradigm of how we “do church” currently.

    You will learn how to develop a regular, weekly, and monthly discipleship training program that is practical but yet simple to implement. It will teach you how to train your staff and leadership on how to be faithful, committed disciples and intentional disciplers.

    Learn how to develop leaders into effective lay ministers by providing four levels of discipleship training.

    Each level strengthens four types of relational dynamics: relationship with Christ, church, community, and colleagues. This regular training can result in a more active and vibrant church and increase the number of baptisms and disciples.

    It is a model that has been tested, piloted, and has dramatically increased the level of spirituality of people involved in soul-winning and intentional discipleship training.

    The principles, when properly applied, are responsible for changing lives and churches. This is the desired outcome when Bible principles are practiced in the context of highly accountable, Spirit-filled relationships. This is mission critical—this is a church operating system for making disciples and disciplers in the 21st century.

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