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Discipleship Master Plan General Training DVD Set

Discipleship Master Plan General Training DVD Set

This new Discipleship Master Plan General Training session video of an actual training for pastors and lay leaders.

This 5 DVD set covers the foundation and principles of the Discipleship Master Plan. This is a must companion for the Discipleship Master Plan textbook. Excellent for those who are not able to attend a "live" training session.

This is a PREREQUISITE FOR ORDERING the Discipleship Master Plan Advance Training DVD set.

Now Available

**Special discount rates for individuals attending a live General Discipleship Training or conference hosting this event. Ask for details.

If you attended a recent DMP presentation, add the COUPON CODE AT THE END

  • Details

    DVD 1 Why Do We Need Disciple-making Churches
    Foundations of a Disciple-making Church
    DVD 2 Preparing for the Future
    DVD 3 Transforming Churches into Disciple-driven Churches
    DVD 4 Discipleship Master Plan Infrastructure
    DVD 5 Major Shift
    Advancing the Kingdom of God

    Shipping in the United States currently.
    For International shipping - rates will vary- email for estimate.
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