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Level 3 Advance Reading


1.     How to Help Your Church Grow, George E. Knowles


2.     Christ's Way of Reaching People, Philip G. Samaan


3.     Christ's Method Alone, Philip G. Samaan


4.     Mission: Possible, Gottried Oosterwal


5.     Winsome Witnessing, Gary Gibbs


6.     Soul-Winning, George B. Thompson


7.     Persuasion, Mark Finley


8.     Gaiing Decisions for Christ, Louis R. Torres


9.     Adventures in Church Growth, Roger Dudley & Des Cummings


10.   Soul-Winning Made Easier, Kembleton Wiggins


11.   The Radical Prayer, Derek Morris


12.   The Big Four, Joe Kidder


13.   Other books: Selected by the Pastor / Leadership Team


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