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Level IA Reading Material:


Reading is vital to your spiritual growth.  Reading and studying help develop deeper roots and anchors the believer in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. The following reading plan is only a guideline that will help you develop a stronger relationship with the Lord.




Read Psalms: Read one chapter from the book of Psalms daily.  Once the final chapter is read, start with chapter one again.  The Psalmist David was a “man after God’s own heart.”  He knew how to pray, give praise from the heart, and was very open and transparent with God. A disciple will need to learn all these virtues.


Read Proverbs: Read one chapter from the book of Proverbs.  Proverbs should be read in conjunction with the day of the month (i.e., if today is January 4, then read chapter 4, then tomorrow for January 5, read chapter 5, etc.). This is a monthly reading cycle.


Read through the Bible Plan: Read 2 chapters daily or (1-2 chapters dailyfor youth.) 

Start with two chapters in the New Testament starting with Matthew until Revelation. 

Then, read Genesis through Malachi.  Once the entire Bible is read, the process is repeated.  You may choose another translation after reading several times in the same version. 


The reading of two chapters is only a minimum, and the individual may read more chapters if desired.  You will notice that in the next few levels, the number of chapters increase.


Date all readings: Put the date on all readings (i.e. 9/1/14) at the start of the chapter. 


Highlight promises: Use a fluorescent yellow highlighter to mark promises that are meaningful.  This color is designated for promises only.  This makes it easier to find the promises.  There will be times when you don’t feel like studying the Bible because you are feeling down or depressed.   When you are able to read and study, the Bible promises will serve to encourage you.


Note: Remember this is surface reading only.  The primary focus is looking for the big picture or main point of the chapter; listening to the voice of God and looking for meaningful promises.  





1.    Sabbath School Quarterly: One of the best ways to understand the Bible while

       studying along with the world church.  


2.    Steps to Christ,  E. G. White


3.    My Life Today, (Devotional) E. G. White:  Read a page following the daily reading plan.


4.    Desire of Ages, E. G. White, Part I (Chapters 1-15) Take time to read a chapter a day or several pages.



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